Stay on the Top of Beauty and Fashion Trends

While it is true that beauty and fashion complement each other, both have their own distinctive characteristics. Beauty has a special meaning to inhabitants in different parts of the globe. An exquisite African beauty will be far removed from his or her European counterpart but both can be a head turner in their own right. While talking about fashion, the same holds true. The concept of fashion is absolutely country and region centric. This is primarily because a lot of factors are closely intertwined with fashion. Religious diktats, cultural values and mental upbringing all play a major part in the art of appreciating fashion per se.

It will therefore be relevant to take beauty and fashion to be two separate entities and analyse how to stay on top of the latest trends for each of them.

So far as fashion is concerned, the most obvious route will be to keep a tab on what is ruling in the fashion capitals of the world – Milan, Paris, New York to name just a few. Top fashion designers have their collections displayed as per the season. What was “in” in fall will take an honourable exit in winter. Hence, those who want to flaunt the latest must keep a hawk’s eye on what is being shown on the ramps. This is also one reason why there is always a mad scramble for entry to these shows. Experiencing and seeing fashion in person shows a dress in its proper perspective.

Beauty is again an altogether different proposition. It is a matter of the mind as much as it is of the body. Feeling beautiful is as important as looking beautiful and this can only be achieved if proper care is taken of the self. An example will make things easier to understand. The latest beauty trends involve permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments on modern state of the art machines that are not only very effective but also make sure the process is absolutely painless.

Take the case of an IPL laser machine. Bursts of light passes through the skin and melanin layer and destroys the root or bulb of the hair follicle. About 4 to 5 sessions are required at monthly intervals. Once through, you would have added a layer of beauty quotient to your body. Now, you can truly get on top of the latest in fashion trends too. Wear the smallest bikini pair to the beach without bothering to carry an epilator in your bag. Or wear with pride, a beautiful black backless flowing gown, knowing that a round of skin rejuvenation treatment has left you skin glowing beautifully.

Finally, if you think that staying on top of beauty and fashion trends will break your bank, you’re wrong. Beauty treatments today with IPL machines are very affordable and well within the reach of the average person. Clothes can be costly but look in the local markets for items that are out of the ordinary. The point that can be made then is why follow fashion trends, be a trend setter yourself.

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