Men’s Jeans Trends and Tendencies 2017

Jeans have always had a mystical air to it. They have never failed to conjure up visions of the Wild West, Clint Eastwood and sheriffs with lightning draws of the pistol. This image has lingered on for long but today it has gone beyond the realm of men’s necessity to men’s fashion. There have been upstarts in men’s fashion, athletics wear and tailored track pants being an example but these cannot hold a candle to men’s jeans. This is because where on earth would you get a pair of men’s pants that matches equally well with an Oxford shirt for a business luncheon and can also be worn to an informal do at the Club.

Designers of jeans have never been afraid to experiment with ideas that in any other apparel line would have been considered sacrilegious. Jeans have been dressed up in various ways, metals and batches have been stuck to them and in extreme cases even ripped apart. But nothing has ever fazed jeans aficionados. Every innovation has been taken in stride and worn with pride.

Here are some of the latest denim trends that have been unpacked in 2017.

Light is in – The typical dark blue jeans are on their way out in 2017 and light is in. Not only is it good for summer, it is also following the trend of other fashion lines by going back to the 90s. Fabric is in the range of mid-washes to light washes and established brands are broadening their take on light coloured pants. The market today is flooded with light indigo to sky blue to other shades of pastel cream and browns.

But a word of caution here – light washes best suits light men so if you are the chunky broad types stick to the darker colours. Also wear a dark belt if you want to differentiate your light coloured T-shirt from your light jeans.

Get loose – This is not to say that skinny spray-on jeans are at the end of their life cycle and that your wardrobe should be emptied of them. What is important is that they are just not fashionable any more, at least in 2017. So if you really want to stand out in the fashion scene swap your skinny jeans for something loose, something roomier, something that has a more straight mature fit. This line of design might also be a result of a demand for a style that instantly gives a feeling of comfort and flexibility as against a sense of being enveloped in a straitjacket. Loose jeans have been flying off the shelves since the time trend 2017 came into vogue.

One more point here – wearing loose and comfortable men’s casual pants does not necessarily mean that you get the “dad’s” look. To get the best up-down look, pair your jeans with a plain and simple white Oxford shirt for the formal look or a long-sleeved T-shirt if you want to party.

Bust-ups are back – Till last year, men’s fashion jeans could be basically split into two categories – a stand-in for smart trousers with the neat, slim and unwashed look and the stretch-heavy and skinny track pants types. But 2017 is going back to jeans that were a rage a few years back. Rips, tears and bust-ups that play peek-a-boo with raw skin are in fashion today. There are a lot of frayed and raw hems especially on slightly cropped jeans. Advanced distressing techniques are being used to give the basic look to the bust-ups. Don’t feel awkward to put on those knee slashed jeans in 2017 but be prepared to answer whether you paid extra for those holes!

That’s about it all for jeans trends and tendencies in 2017. However, keep one thing in mind. Jeans are not and have never been stand-alone apparel. A great deal on how you pull off your looks depends on the up-down combination you choose as well as the accessories.  

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