Latest Tattoo Fashion Trends

The art of tattooing is definitely not a new phenomenon; in fact it has been around for ages. But in recent times it has taken the form of a raging bush fire and has become a style statement with soaring popularity. Tattoo designs have their shelf life too. Some go out of fashion to be replaced by more intricate ones. On the whole, tattoos take the form of flowers, animals, sign-signs, birds and famous structures. Some are very personal hidden away from public view while others are meant to be flaunted openly with pride.

Here are a few design categories that are trending in the tattoo industry today –

  • Holy Tattoo Designs – If there is one thing that never goes out of fashion, it is God and religion. Therefore tattoos depicting the Holy Cross have been around for ages and promises to be so for ages to come. There are a lot of variations that can be incorporated – colour, size, and the complexities. Similarly, people of other religions prefer symbols related to their faith.
  • Nature Tattoo Designs – These are some of the more colourful tattoos as nature in itself is a very vibrant subject. Pictures of the sun, trees or birds and animals come in bright colours and portray a person love for nature or care for the environment. Because of the large range of subjects that are available in this category, people might want to change the tattoo every now and then. This can be done through a tattoo laser removal machine which is a very effective option. Short lived pulses of high energy from IPL laser machine are directed at the tattoo to be removed, breaking up the ink into minute particles which are absorbed and digested by the body. Minimal heat is directed on the body, thereby eliminating the possibility of any adverse affect on the skin.
  • Sports Tattoos – Sports lovers never had it better. Their love for sports is literally imprinted on the body for all to see. Rugby, football and tennis lovers have the relevant colour and shape ball tattooed on them. Cricket, baseball and hockey lovers usually go for the bat shape. All these are generally placed in a circle filled with contrast colours to highlight the actual object.
  • Astrology Tattoos – Sun signs and astrology are the in-thing among most youth and teenagers. Hence it is but natural that sun signs should be the latest trend in tattoos too. Just pick the sign and let the artist take over. However, for this type of tattoo to really look attractive, it is advisable to have it imprinted in a flat area of the body. The small ones can be put on the fore arms or the nape of the neck. The larger tattoos cover the whole back, best displayed when the person is in a bikini or a low cut gown.
  • Abstract Tattoo Design – These are the latest in the tattoo art scenario. It is not possible to put a definite definition to these types of tattoos. The base design can have abstract floral or vine patterns with the top portion having an object or symbol of individual preference. This category has the highest customisation options amongst all others.

However, don’t get tied down to these sections. Let the imagination run riot when opting for a tattoo.

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