Interior Design Trends For Your New House

How many times it happens that we binge spent on some expensive homewares only to find out that it had gone out of fashion a couple of weeks back. That is why is it is important to stay updated with the current interior designing trends.

As we rejoice and welcome 2017, experienced home designers, interior decorators and experts are already forecasting the future trends. According to the popular belief, the next year has a significant shake-up of trends in interior designing in store.

As present day lifestyles get more hectic and influenced by time constraints, our homes can now be considered to be more or less our sanctums. Based on uniformity, tranquillity and seamlessness, the interior design, nowadays, manifests our need to unwind and get some time away from the monotony of daily lives . Mild & soothing hues are supplemented by natural touches and soft shades while fittings and movables are becoming ever more customised and instinctive.

The design world is getting inspired by the music and fashion industry and is venturing back to the swinging sixties era that was upbeat, downplayed and natural. That relaxed thought process is being demonstrated in interior designs across the globe.

Designers are opting for a blend of top of the line materials with flea market items more than ever. They are creating rooms that are easy on the eyes, yet thoroughly considered. The palettes likewise are undergoing a transformation. Although grey is an evergreen colour, its prevalence has somewhat waned in the last few years. While white-on-white rooms are an intrepid choice, they are usually not suitable for the fast-paced urban lifestyles. According to the experts, a palette of white walls, floors and cabinets, instead is a much more fitting & contemporary alternative.

In the recent times, we have also witnessed a growing tendency on the designers’ part to involve brass and gold tones while deciding home decor.

‘Artisanal’ has also been a popular term used in the interior design world. The revival of natural fibres, natural shapes, hand-made accessories and hand-woven textiles has prompted the use of more colour and texture. Another factor that is influencing the modern interior designs is the growing prominence of eco-green homes. With green philanthropists such as Mick Fabar consistently promoting sustainable homes, designers are adopting green design trends such as LED lighting and water efficient kitchen fixtures.