Beauty and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

What does beauty and fashion got to do with each other? Are they two inter-linked in any way? While beauty is nature’s own creation, fashion is a conception of man, structured to enhance beauty through cosmetic changes in demeanour. However, there is definitely room for debate here. It is often argued that attempts are made to use beauty for fashion’s own selfish needs, to exploit beauty as a clothes horse for purely commercial gains. While there may be a grain of truth in this perception, fashion and beauty are stand alone entities and only when they are compulsorily brought together for a specific purpose can we say that beauty and fashion go hand in hand.

What then is that very purpose? The first thing that crosses the mind in support of this theory is fashion shows where collections of famous and not so famous struggling fashion designers are showcased for purely pecuniary gains. If a certain line catches the imagination what do you attribute it to? Inherent beauty of the wearer or an exclusive piece of inspiration? The answer to this can be found only if beauty is equated with the person-next-door looks and not simply the conventional descriptions – macho brawn image for men and hour glass figures for women. An analysis of whether the two really go hand in hand would then become simpler.

Let us start with the dark beauty with a rich olive skin tone, generally looked at in awe by the world. Now, designers will usually get these models to wear a particular cut and colour. Light pastel shades are the norm with slashes of bright colours as these bring out the real beauty and texture of the skin. For light skin models, dark and bright colours are definitely experimented with to accentuate form and style. However, in the secret and highly competitive environment of fashion design, personal grooming of the models too is a factor when they are considered to line up on the ramp. A smooth blemish less skin is naturally the much preferred option. Clinics work overtime on permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments to help models achieve their dream looks. It is for this reason that there is always such a demand for laser IPL machines for sale.

In the ultimate analysis, it’s not only about the clothes and fashion. If this was true, hangars with clothes on them would have been displayed in exhibition halls and trade fairs. The very purpose of having live models is to focus both on the looks of the clothes and how it would look when the woman in the street wears them. Hence, a part of the term “beauty” has got a lot to do with how one can carry himself or herself off. That is what walking the ramp is all about – the wearer helps to put a form to the clothes on display, lighting up the dreams of the common population.

And this is where beauty complements fashion and goes hand in hand with it. Designers try various combinations of clothes and accessories to get the perfect match. These are hints that followers of fashion simply lap up. It is all about getting beauty, dressing them up with fashion and accentuating their already existing brilliant looks. Beauty and fashion are definitely a perfect foil for each other.

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