How to identify and create your personal style

After you are well acquainted with the fundamentals of fashion, the next step is to identify and define your individual style by adding innovation and novelty. It is imperative to extend your imagination to think out of the box and seek inspiration beyond your comfort zone. Discovering and defining your own style is all about complementing your best features and your innate aesthetic appeal.

Many people have the tendency to blindly ape the popular trends. Although it does showcase their awareness about the current norms of the fashion world, it also manifests their lack of experimentation and originality. It is crucial to avoid falling in the trap of following trends and norms. Fashion trends are very fickle in nature and do not last for long. For this very reason, it is of prime importance to discover your personal style and dressing sense.

Creating your individual style involves blending your personal taste and ongoing trends. While finalising the outfit, different attributes of your personality and lifestyle must be taken into account.

Your personal likings, interests, inclinations, motivations and imagination are some of the important components that must be considered while creating your personal style. Just add a little bit of everything and let it sparkle in the way you dress. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep in mind to highlight only those aspects you actually want to express and show to everyone.

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